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forgotten democrats

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The Stakes: High

Democrats fight for everyone. But we’re not fighting everywhere. That’s a problem.

Dozens of the most extreme Republicans in Congress had no Democratic opponent in 2022. And 126 Republicans faced a Democrat who didn’t have the resources they needed to fight. The people living in those districts feel abandoned, ignored… forgotten. Meanwhile, the most extreme GOP nominees get free passes.

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The Strategy: Show Up Everywhere

It doesn’t have to be this way. Working together, we can show up all over the country, making sure no Democrat is left behind … no voter is left without a choice … and no Republican gets a free ride.

The Solution: You

By joining Forgotten Democrats, you become part of a community of thousands of people who understand we are fighting for the future of our country. 

We can win that fight, if we work together.

No more unsupported races. No more forgotten voters.

No more free passes for the GOP.

You can make that happen. Starting right now.

How Forgotten Democrats Works

Think of us as crowdfunders and community builders.

We make it easy for you to join a community of people just like you who want to encourage Democrats to run in some of the reddest districts in America. Our community members chip in just a few dollars a month (our average is $14). Those funds go directly to the Democratic nominees, and to recruit, train, and encourage Democrats running in Red America. 

For a few dollars a month (that's less than you might spend on a cup of coffee) you can be sure we're fighting everywhere. You'll know that you're supporting Democratic nominees that would otherwise be left behind. And as a monthly program, you just set it and forget it, knowing that you’re doing your part – no matter what else you have going on.


By joining our Forgotten Democrats community, you’re making sure Democrats have resources to fight in every corner of the country – without breaking a sweat. Kicking in a few bucks a month is doable, and powerful, over the long term.

+ Thousands Like You

You’re not alone. Thousands of people just like you want Dems to fight everywhere too. We bring you together with meetings and events – creating communities of people dedicated to democracy. You’ve found your people.

= Massive People Power

After the primary, Forgotten Democrats distributes community funds directly to the Democratic nominees who need your help the most with our unique “bottom-up bathtub” method. And you rest easy, knowing that you are part of the solution. Job done.

Bottom-Up Bathtub Model

Our community funds the races that are usually left behind using our unique “bottom-up bathtub” model. After the primary, we look at how much each campaign has raised. Then we distribute community funds first to those nominees who have raised the least. By starting from the bottom up, we raise everyone’s “water level” to create a funding floor. That way, every nominee has a base level of support.

How Forgotten Democrats Helps

We have the data to prove it.

(C'mon, we're Democrats. Of course we did a study!)

Running Nominees Matters

Just having a nominee for on the ballot increases the vote share for the top of the ticket by 1.5%.


But in 2020, 23 Congressional Districts had no Democratic nominee on the ballot.


The over 17.5 million Americans live in those 23 districts didn't have the option to vote for a Democrat for the U.S. House... because there wasn't one on the ballot.

Districts with no Democratic nominee

Americans in Districts with no nominee

Funding Nominees Matters

There's more: Funding nominees boosts turnout, too. In fact, funding a challenger at $0.36 per eligible voter increases turnout by 1%.


But in 2022, another 126 Congressional Districts were underfunded – averaging just $62,386 to reach over 762,000 people.


Those 126 Districts include another 96.1 million Americans, who probably didn't hear from their cash-strapped Democratic nominee. 

Underfunded Districts

Americans in Districts with an underfunded nominee

Running Funded Nominees = Massive, Data-Backed Impact

That's just under 113.7 million Americans left behind – either because they didn't have the option to vote for a Democrat for the U.S. House, or because the nominee didn't have what they needed to run a real campaign.


There are 331 million Americans.


If we don't run supported nominees in every Congressional district, we are leaving votes on the table – and one third of the country behind.

Americans Left Behind

Here's the good news:

Reaching those 113.7 million forgotten Americans is as simple as running and supporting Democratic nominees.

You can help make that happen. 

What You Get When You Join Forgotten Democrats

Membership in the only grassroots community that's focused on making sure every Democratic nominee for Congress has resources to run a campaign.

If you're a member at the $10/month level or more, you're automatically invited to participate in our members-only monthly Forgotten Democrats Team calls with Fred Wellman, David Pepper, Jessica Piper, and special guests.

Knowledge that you are boosting the vote share for the top of the ticket and local turnout, while helping reach the 114 million Americans who were left behind in 2022.

Pride that no matter what else you have going on, you're doing something that's meaningful and impactful.

Peace of mind that you're fighting for a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Satisfaction that just by being part of our community you're telling the GOP that you're on to them. You're not letting their corruption and lawlessness slide, and you won't let them sell out your democracy without a fight.

Gratification that you play a role in holding people in
Congress accountable.

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